General Instructions For Forwarding Leads To Happy Grasshopper

Happy Grasshopper has made it easy for you to capture any new leads automatically from any lead source. Since all of our messages are sent based on a tagging system, we have developed a way for you to add contacts to any specific tag automatically based on a lead forwarding capture system.  (This process is also known as Parsing for those tech-savvy users who understand.)  =)

When looking at the Manage Tags page, you will see that each tag has its own unique email address associated with that tag. With this unique tag email address, you can sync contacts directly for any Lead Source to be copied when a new lead notification email is sent -  as long as that email contains the new lead’s contact information.  Since each lead source may vary, we can only guarantee an email address and phone number will be captured from most lead sources.  Secondly, you’ll want to forward and cc any new lead notifications directly to the Tag Email (*Shown below).  Your personal HG account will now be able to capture that information and add it to that specific Tag within your account whenever a new lead notification is sent.

Feel free to further search our support pages here for specific details for completing your setup.

PRO TIP: Some lead sources may have restrictions on how many characters can be used in the email or cc fields. If that unique tag email address is too long, you can make edits to the address within the Manage Tags section to make it fit in the space allotted (be sure to leave the intact). Find more tips about Creating Tags here.

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