Managing Tags

There are a lot of words for organizing people: buckets, groups, categories, folders. Happy Grasshopper uses Tags and, well, we’re pretty proud of it. =)

The Tags page of your account organizes your contacts to better understand where they came from and who they are to you. They are just one of our lead management tools. Assigning them the correct tag will ensure they are on the campaign they should be and receiving the appropriate message.

Clicking Add New Tag will allow you to create tags of your own! If you have any questions about tags, or wish to apply a new tag to your custom campaign, please reach out to us for assistance.

Now that you’ve created a new tag to categorize your contacts, you’ll find it most useful when deciding to create your own message to send as a Blast.  You’ll also be able to update your Send Preferences if you wish to Exclude a tag from any future messages too.

*If sending any custom Campaigns with Happy Grasshopper, it’s never recommended that you should DELETE any tags since this may severely affect any outgoing campaigns.  However, you will be able to Click to Hide a tag if you no longer wish to view it.

TIP: For each tag that’s created within your account, there will also be a unique email address associated with your specific tag.  You’ll be able to assign this email address as a “cc:” for any new lead notifications to help capture those new leads automatically.  Find more information about syncing contacts here.

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