Creating Tags

Tags within Happy Grasshopper are meant do one thing: organize your leads. Have a new Zillow lead? Tag it as “Zillow” to not only keep track of who that lead is, but also to ensure they receive the correct messaging.

Let’s take a look at your tags!

Step 1:

Click Manage Tags on the left-hand side of your dashboard menu to take you to your tags.

Step 2:

Once on the Tags page, click the button Add New Tag.

Step 3:

On the Add Tag page, you can enter what you want to call your tag. In our example, we used “Zillow.” Make sure to save your work!

Step 4:

Once back on your Tags page, you can scroll down to find the tag you just created. On the right-hand side, you’ll find buttons to both edit and delete your tag. Let’s click Edit.

Pro Tip: On the top right of the Tags page, you’ll find a search box to make finding your tags even easier!

Your Tag is an Email Too (Who Knew?!)

Clicking Edit will show you an email address that looks like a bunch of characters followed by “” (ex: This is the email address you’ll use when setting up lead source automation. Wherever a lead source such as Zillow, Trulia or your CRM asks for an email to forward lead notifications, this is the email you’ll use. This ensures the correct leads get assigned the correct tag!

Editing Tags:

You can also edit or shorten tags, making it easier to remember. In this example, we used You can write anything you’d like as long as you keep the Make sure to save your work. =)

PRO TIP: If editing a tag email address, be sure to update any lead sources too if you’ve already completed syncing contacts to your account.  Find out more about syncing contacts here.

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