Getting Started

Tutorials and walkthroughs of the Happy Grasshopper system!

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Best Practices, Tips, and Hints

Great stuff you should know to become a Happy Grasshopper expert!

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Contact Management

Additional tips for editing, uploading, and managing your contact database.

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Creating & Editing Messages

Learn more about creating a new message or new campaign!

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Creating Signatures

Start creating your own signature or upload a custom job.

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Lead Source Automation

Learn how to setup specific lead sources and begin sending campaigns automatically!

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Find out more about your lead interactions with several options to view reporting.

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Team Accounts

Discover how to manage an account for multiple users from within your Manager Panel.

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hgTouch for Keller Williams

From tagging contacts to sending messages, these videos make getting started easy.

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hgTouch for CarePatrol

Step-by-step videos to make the getting started process quick and easy

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Your Billing Info

Update your billing information at any time to continue with our services.

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Training Videos

Recordings that show you how to upload contacts, manage tags and send messages.

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