Setting up Gmail Forwarding

Creating a Gmail Filter

Step 1:

When setting up a filter through Gmail, you will first need to login to your Gmail account. As long as the lead source’s notification includes the lead’s email address in the body, we’ll be able to automatically sync this information and bring it over to Happy Grasshopper.

Note: To complete this forward, we’ll not only need to know the subject line of the lead source’s notification (ex: “You have a new Trulia lead”), but also the Happy Grasshopper tag email you want to forward the information to (ex: [email protected]).

Step 2: 

Within Gmail > Settings select the tab for Forwarding and POP/IMAP.  Begin by selecting Add a forwarding address and include the correct Tag email address for the lead source.

Step 3:

After you’ve added the forwarding email, you will need to VERIFY the changes made. As this is time-sensitive, only complete this forward during a time when you can contact our support team at 727-232-9117 (Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm ET). You can let us know you’ve initiated a Gmail forward and provide us the tag email you want to forward leads to. We’ll verify the forward, then provide you with a confirmation code that Gmail will request (ex: 5604f6aa6586).

Your forwarding email address should now be verified, and you can complete your filter setup now.

Step 4:

Within Gmail > Settings, select the tab for Filters and Blocklist, then Create New Filter.

Step 5:

Be sure to copy and include the correct Subject Line and Email Address for the lead notification email.

PRO TIP: You may not need to include the full subject line if this may be similar to other notifications.  Be sure to include what is necessary to capture this lead source specifically.

Select Create Filter with this Search to move on…

Step 6:

Be sure check off the box for Forward it to and select the correct forwarding Tag email you verified earlier. There is also an option to apply any matching conversations if you wish to include any previous notifications that were sent. Select Create Filter to complete this setup.

Step 7:

Send a test from your lead source to verify that the sync is working correctly.  =)

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