Integration Setup - WiseAgent

Integration information: 

With the integration we have in place with Wise Agent, we are able to import contacts to your Happy Grasshopper account in bulk. All contacts brought over will then be tagged as Wise Agent.

Step 1:

Log into your Wise Agent account - Select the dropdown menu where it says "Welcome, your name" at the top-right of your account page. From the drop-down menu, click on Integrations Menu. Here you will see the option for Happy Grasshopper.

From there, dropdown the Happy Grasshopper integration option. Then, simply enter your HG login info to integrate - don’t forget to select Activate!

Step 2:

Now we can sync your contacts! From within Wise Agent, you'll want to go into your Contact List and select the contacts that you would like added to Happy Grasshopper.

Next, at the top of the contacts page, you’ll see the Actions option. Open and select the "Add to Happy Grasshopper" option - click it to start importing contacts from Wise Agent.

On the next Page, confirm your contact selection and choose "Add to Happy Grasshopper."

Once your contacts have been transferred, Wise Agent will display a notification letting you know that the transfer has finished. This could take a few minutes if transferring a large number of contacts.

Pro TIP: If any of these contacts already exist, don't worry! They will not be added to HG again as we check for duplicate contacts by their email address.

Step 3:

Login to your Happy Grasshopper account to confirm the transfer.

After you’ve imported the contacts, they’ll be assigned the tag Wise Agent to begin sending.  Way to go!

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