Integration Setup - Follow Up Boss

We have an integration with Follow Up Boss, which is pretty sweet if you ask us. =)

Things to keep in mind before getting started:

  • The integration only goes one way in relation to tagging. Contact information from Follow Up Boss syncs to HG, but not the other way around. This is important to know because you’ll want to upload and edit any contact directly within Follow Up Boss and not Happy Grasshopper.
  • Tags, status (contacted or not contacted), source (Example: Zillow, Website, Import), stage (Example: Lead, Sphere, Past Client), and the smart lists are all synced into HG and added as Tags.
  • We start a re-sync with Follow Up Boss about every 5 minutes, but it may take longer to complete updating if you had a large amount of contacts or tags.
  • It’s important to note that if you delete something from Follow Up Boss, it does NOT get deleted in HG. This is why we recommend that if you no longer want to send to a contact, you should move them to Trash or Unsubscribed instead.
    • There are some tags that are always excluded from sends: Unsubscribed, unsubscribed, Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, Trash, trash, Trashed, trashed, exclude, excluded, Do Not Email, dns, DNS (Do Not Service), Lead-DNS, No Weekly Emails, No Auto Emails, Do Not Contact, do not contact, invalid.
  • If a contact unsubscribes from an HG message, Follow Up Boss unsubscribes them as well.
  • Currently Follow Up Boss only supports reporting for Happy Grasshopper Blasts and Campaigns. More to come soon!

Setting up your Follow Up Boss Integration

From Follow Up Boss - Classic:

Step 1:

Once logged in to your account, you will want to select the drop-down menu under your name in the right corner. Select My Settings from that menu.

Step 2:

Select the tab labeled Send in Leads. This is where you will find the API Key needed for our system to set up the integration. Copy the API Key.

Step 3:

To have reporting from Happy Grasshopper added into Follow Up Boss, you would then need to contact their support team to add the Happy Grasshopper integration on their end as well. They will ask for your Happy Grasshopper username and password to complete the integration on their end.

From Follow Up Boss 2:

Step 1:

Once logged in to your account, you will want to select Admin from the top menu. Then select API (you may have to open up the "More" option). Once on the API page you can copy your API key to be added into Happy Grasshopper.

Step 2:

Next, to have reporting from Happy Grasshopper added into Follow Up Boss, select Integrations from the same Admin menu. Here you will need to add and save your Happy Grasshopper login information.

In Happy Grasshopper:

Step 1:

Once you have copied the Follow Up Boss API Key, head on over to your HG account, select Account Settings.

Step 2:

Once in your settings panel, click on the Integrations tab. There, you’ll find the Follow Up Boss field right at the top. Enter (paste) your Follow Up Boss API Key here and click Save! You're contacts and tags will begin populating in your account within minutes.

Do you have one of our Team accounts? 

If you are utilizing the Happy Grasshopper/Follow Up Boss integration in one of our team accounts, there are a few additional pieces of set up needed on the backend to ensure contacts are assigned to the proper team member. Please contact our Success team by  email or by phone - (727) 232-9117 - and we would be happy to help with this set up. =)

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