Creating a Message - Blasts

Blasts are a great way to send a one-time message to some, or even all, of your contacts. Our email blast software is full-featured and simple to use. This is especially useful for open houses and market updates, or for any time you’d like to create your own message to send!

Clicking Blasts on the left sidebar will take you to the blasts page:

Here you’ll find your saved blasts, scheduled blasts, and blasts that were previously sent as you scroll down. Each section has information such as what time and day the message was sent, as well as its creation date.

Now it's time to create your first blast - let's do it!

Create a New Blast

Clicking New Blast at the top right of the screen will take you to the blast editor.

The blast editor allows you create your own message from scratch - you have multiple options to personalize your message, as well as a source code button if you want to add your own HTML or code. Make sure to choose a signature at the bottom and save your work!

Once you've created your blast and saved it, it's time to send it...

To the right of your saved blast, you'll find the Send button. Clicking that will take you to the Send Blast page, where you can choose who to send this blast to and when to send it.

In the screenshots below, you'll see a few options:

Clicking Send to All will do just that: it will send this blast to all of the contacts in your account. If you'd like to include or exclude only certain tags, you can do that too. On the left-hand side, in both of the Include and Exclude boxes, you'll see a list of all your tags - clicking one will move it to the right side and either include that tag or exclude it based on which you’ve selected. You can always undo a change by clicking on the tag in the right-hand box, erasing that selection and sending it back to the left-hand side.

Once you've decided who you're sending your blast to, it's time to choose when to send it. =)

You can either select "ASAP", which will queue the message right away to send, or you can schedule the message and pick a custom date and time. Make sure to save your changes!

TIP: Create an alternate email signature if you wish to have any responses sent to a different email address, or appear as sent from someone on your team.  =)

Create a New eAd

Our New eAd feature can be found on the blast page, and is similar to our New Blast option but designed to appear more like a templated marketing message. Just like new blasts, you have a text editor to create a message - with some pretty sweet new additions...

We’ve also included an eAd feature that has the ability to add a call-to-action - allowing you to create a button rather than inserting a hyperlink - and also load an image to place into a certain position and attach a link to it - easy, right?! Now, you not only have a custom blast message, but also a clickable call-to-action button aimed at converting your leads.

Using Starter Templates

We also have provided some easy templates to get you started. Clicking the View Starter Templates button on the Blasts page will give you the option to tweak a pre-written message.

Clicking Use on the right-hand side will allow you to edit and customize your message.

Pro Tip: Create a new tag before uploading contacts, then send a Blast message to any specific group of contacts.  =)

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