Searching Contacts

You may view your Contacts, located on the left side panel within your account, at any time.

You’ll always notice the most recent contact added shown at the top of your contact list.  Within your contacts, there are several features available which allow you to view contacts in different ways.

You can search a specific contact by inputting either the email address or name under the Keyword search option. Then, click the Search button.

You are automatically shown all Active contacts, but you can click on Active and you will be prompted to a dropdown menu. There, you have additional options in viewing contacts. You can choose to view All, Active or Inactive contacts. Then, click the Search button.

TIP: If you’re unable to find a contact at first, be sure to change the status to search for All contacts just in case it was previously marked as Inactive.

Another option in viewing contacts is by viewing contacts in bulk, depending on how they are tagged. Simply click on the None Selected button, and you will be able to choose the specific tags within your account. Once you have chosen a tag, click the Search button.

You’ll then be able to select the Details to view or edit any information for a contact.  Feel free to check the box on the left side of each contact, and find additional options to edit your contacts in bulk, at the bottom of the Contacts page.

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