Setting Up Your Account

To get things started, we’ll ask you to first complete a few steps to get your account on the right track…

1. Update Your Password

We emailed you a password to initially log in to Happy Grasshopper, but now you’ll want to pick one of your own - passwords are best when they’re super-secret! Enter the password we provided as the “Old Password”, then fill in the fields below with the password you’ve created. Make sure to save your work!

2. Create Your Signature

Your signature is unique to you, and goes out with every message you’ll send within Happy Grasshopper. Fill out the provided fields, keeping in mind that the more information you give is information your prospective clients can use to find out more about you! Additionally, ticking the “Custom Signature” box allows you to add signatures you may already have. 

3. Choose Your Keep-in-Touch Message Preferences

Our Keep-in-Touch messages are fun and friendly emails designed to engage and keep you top-of-mind with your past clients and sphere of influence. They’re the cornerstone of your email marketing strategy! On this screen, you’ll find some drop-down boxes to choose from. The “Send” option allows you to send messages either Automatically or Only After I Approve. If you elect to send the messages automatically, a favorite message will be selected and sent to your contacts without you even having to lift a finger!

(Tip: Even if you’ve chosen to send message automatically, you will still have two business days to make any changes or select another message.)

Picking Only After I Approve will allow you to only send a message once you’ve approved it. A notification will be sent two days prior to your next send date. Once your next message is ready to send, you’ll be able to pick and choose from 7-10 new message options. Be sure to pick your favorite, because you’ll have a whole new set of options to choose from on your next send date.

You’ll also find options within your Send Preferences to choose how often you’d like messages to send, which signature to send them with (if there are multiple), and which days to send them on.

4. Settings Overview

The final step in our setup is the account overview screen where you can review all of your Happy Grasshopper account information. At the top, you’ll notice tabs where you can edit/update your password and campaign settings.

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