Creating Webhook

Webhook (WH) event notification is used for giving real-time notifications. When writing an application to integrate with the Happy Grasshopper API, the application should define a webhook URL and send pass it with each request for a new user registration. The API Key for each user added can be found in users settings area on integrations tab. A new Webhook notification can request can be established via API (postman or any such tool) or on the User Interface (UI). Webhooks can be created for all user types (Manager, Team, and Individual).
1. Webhook URL API Endpoint Requirement: User API key, Webhook Name, and type of event notification. (See below - for more detail see Key-MHY.png Notification-O4s.png
2. UI support: To create a new Webhook Notification via UI, click othe menu option Settings --> Account Settings --> Webhooks. Then manually enter the webhook name, the URL you'd like the notification posted to, and select event type for notification.

( Note: V2 API key should be configured in Settings --> Account Settings --> User Keys & Integrations).
3. The Webhook notification generation for event types: Below are the event types webhook notification can be configured.

  • New contact added (Event Type: contact_created ) 
  • Contact updated (Event Type: contact_updated) 
    Triggered when a contact is updated (First, Last, Email, Phone, Audience, User_id, Tags) 
  • Contact deleted (Event Type: contact_deleted)  
  • Contact status change ( Event Type: contact_status_changed) 
    User will be notified about a contact's status change (Active, Unsubscribed, Inactive - Invalid Email Address, Inactive - Hard Bounce, Inactive - Spam Complaint) 
  • New message ready for scheduling (Event Type: community_message_ready) 
    This alerts the user that it is now time to send a community message to one of their audiences. The notification reads: “It’s time to send a new message to your {audience_name} list.” 
  • Automatic Message Scheduled (Event Type: community_message_auto_scheudled)
    This alerts the  user  a message has been automatically queued for them and will soon be delivered. The notification reads: “A new message for your {audience_name} list has been queued and will be delivered on {date}. 
  • Blast Sent (Event Type:  blast_sent)
    This alerts the user that a blast has been sent. Included information: (blast_id, Subject Line, date/time sent, number of messages sent). 
  • Community Message Sent (Event Type: community_message_sent)

    This alerts the user that a community message has been sent. Included information: (kit_message_id, Subject Line, date/time sent, number of messages sent). 

  • Campaign complete (Event Type: campaign_ended)
    This alerts the user that a campaign that a contact was opt-ed into has completed. Included information: (Title of the campaign, campaign_id,  contact_id, contact email, campaign started and campaign ended).
4. When a Webhook URL unreachable: Happy Grasshopper will retry 5 times and then mark the notificaiton failed. When a Webhook fails, Happy Grasshopper sends a daily notification to Webhook owner about all failures.
Note: If you are adding a webhook via the API, the event types are case sensitive (lower case).

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