Sending Your Database to Happy Grasshopper

You can send contacts to Happy Grasshopper in just about any format. The most common is a spreadsheet (CSV or Excel). The information we will need is Name, Email, Phone, Audience and any additional groupings you'd like added as a tag.

The only required information is email. All other fields are optional.

First Last Email Phone Audience (Pick one) Tags (Comma Separated)
Celeste Grupman [email protected] 727-23-9117 Sphere Out of Town, College Friend

Make sure the tags are comma separated and that you have only assigned one audience to each contact. For a list of audiences available to you log into your account and view the list on the left-hand navigation under "Send by Audience":

Once you've completed your list send it to [email protected] - we will be happy to load it for you.

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