Best Practices - Deliverability

We at HG do our very best to ensure your emails are delivered. We are constantly staying on top of the ever changing and evolving email landscape to be able to provide our very best service. 

Domain and Email Forwarding:

HG provisions a “Forwarding Domain” and Forwarding Email” address for it’s users. With these new domains, sometimes they can require a bit of a "warm up" period to help ensure your messages will be delivered successfully and to the recipient's inbox. The first few messages sent should be targeted if at all possible to help build your send reputation.  

You can help with this "warm up" if you would like by reaching out with a blast to a Top 10 list of friends and family who you know will engage with your messages. By engage, we want those people to add your new email to their contacts and reply. I would try to target a few different email providers in that list as well if you're able to. You could create a tag in your FUB account called "Top 10" or something similar, and send something like this:

SUBJECT: Need Your Help

Hi !first_name!,

I am working on building and growing my relationships with my sphere, past clients, and new prospects. You are an incredibly important part of my network, so I thought I would reach out and ask for some feedback on what you’d find most valuable in a monthly email update.

If you could add my new address (insert forwarding email address) to your address book and reply to this email, you will be helping me get off to a great start. I look forward to doing a better job keeping in touch.

Is there anything I can help you with today? As always, I am glad to return the favor.

All the best,


Is there a time of day that will get better open rates?

While open rates are slightly higher if you send in the mornings mid week or on Saturdays, response rates are higher with evening sends and click rates are higher with sends in the early afternoon.

We have found that focusing on the message and the audience will have a much larger impact on your open rates than time of day.

Things that can effect deliverability:

There are several different things that can affect the deliverability of your emails to it’s intended recipients. Here are some helpful tips on improving your rates:

  • Are you targeting the messaging to the appropriate audience? Not every message should be sent to everyone in your database. If you message is for an open house for example, you would want to target buyers.
  • Your deliverability can be effected by the number of contacts that mark your email as spam. These are reported at “Complaints” in HG. This Spam percentage needs to ideally be less than .02%. Targeting specific audiences, being aware of your content/subject lines, and sending to contacts to reached out to you specifically can help lessen the possibility of a contact marking your message as Spam.
  • Send interesting content on a regular basis (every Tuesday, twice a month, the first of each month, every third Thursday - any predictable pattern can work here, but we see weekly as a good model for real estate). This creates an expectation from your audience and if you regularly send things that are interesting they are more likely to give your message a quick scan even when they are busy.
  • Include your brand in the subject line. This does 2 things:
    1. Even if they don't open the email, you are still creating a branding/top of mind moment.
    2. They are more likely to open because they recognize your consistently helpful mailings more easily.
  • Don't send to people who never open your mail. If you've sent more than 8 emails to someone than have gone unopened you need to pull them from your list. Sending over and over to recipients who are not opening will hurt your reputation.

If you’ve attempted all of the above and are still receiving poor deliverability, it may be time to bring out the big guns. We’re here to help! HG can evaluate your account further and provide guidance on an individual basis. We may need to provision a new domain and email address for you or switch you into another send group.

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