Best Practices - Campaigns

Your custom Campaigns are the best way to convert any new leads into a sale.  These campaigns will be designed to reach everyone with a series of messages:

  1. Acknowledgement: These are short, introductory messages designed to reach out immediately to the lead based on their source, asking them to contact you.
  2. Positioning: There are three positioning messages that go out within the first week that a lead comes in, and they do just as the name implies - they position you to the lead. They let the lead know why they should be working with you, why you’re unique to your market, and what you can do for them - these are the hard sales emails.
  3. Nurturing: These are made up of 12 emails that reach out to your leads in a more personal way. I’ve seen everything from local restaurant recommendations to community events - we really want to foster your relationship with that lead without over selling them, which can lead to unsubscriptions!

As messages send, you can expect that any responses will come directly into your inbox, and you’ll want to STOP your custom campaigns once they have decided to become a client of yours.  Since our system is designed to send based on a tagging system, you’ll also want to add a tag to stop these campaigns from sending.

As an individual user, just be sure to tag anyone as Keep-in-Touch (Sphere).  This will help to stop your custom campaigns from sending, but also transfer this client into your Keep-in-Touch (Sphere) messaging.  That way, you’ll continue to send fun & friendly messages every three weeks to help earn more referrals and sales in the future.

As a team user, most likely you will tag anyone as Stop Campaigns (Sends to Keep-in-Touch). The name of this tag may vary depending on each team’s need, and we may also include additional tags such as Closed if requested.  Quite simply, you can create and use any tag, but will need to edit the tag itself to update and include options to transfer into your Keep-in-Touch (Sphere) messaging.

Just be sure to Edit a tag from the Manage Tags section, and check the box to Add to Keep-in-Touch (Sphere).  This specific tag would also need to be Excluded from all Campaign Settings to actually stop a message from sending.

PRO TIP: Contacts must be tagged as Keep-in-Touch (Sphere) to receive this messaging, so be sure to update contacts properly to receive the proper messaging.

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