Best Practices - Blasts

With Happy Grasshopper’s Blasts feature, you’ll be able to create and send your own messages at any time!  We’ve even included a few templates for you to get started…

Whenever you’d like to create and send a message will be up to you!  Perhaps you're hosting an upcoming event, or just want to wish everyone a happy holiday.  Using this feature will allow you to either send to all of your contacts, or select which Tag or group of contacts you prefer to include.

To get started, feel free to select either New Blast or New eAd.  When creating a New Blast, you can expect that this message style will appear just like every other message you send through HG.  But you’ll also be able to create a New eAd to design a templated-style message and include a Headline, wrap text around an image, or include a button rather than a hyperlink.

If you need a little help to begin, you may View Starter Templates and Use a message to make any edits to some pre-written content we’ve provided for you.  There are no restrictions to how often you can send these, but you’ll want to follow these tips on how to avoid sending spam!

PRO TIP: Find more instructions on how to create a Blast message here.

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