Features: Explained - Send Preferences

Your Keep-in-Touch (Sphere) feature will follow their own set of rules when it comes to sending messages. These rules can be managed from the Send Preferences button within your account and, whenever you log into your account for the first time, this screen will be part of the setup process. You’ll still be able to update your Send Preferences at any time if you’d like to update when these messages should be sent. Here we will go over the different things you can manage with those Keep-in-Touch (Sphere) messages.

When setting up your Send Preferences for the first time, you will need to decide on how you want these messages to send. You may either send Only After I Approve, or choose to send messages Automatically.

Either way, you’ll still be able to edit or choose a different message to send.  All notification reminders will be sent two days before your next message is ready to send.  For any Automatic users, you’ll receive a full preview of your message.  If you like it, great!  You won’t have to do anything. But if you want to make any changes, you’ll only have two days to login and make those changes.

When will your messages be sent?

Happy Grasshopper will recommend sending these messages every three weeks.  We’ve done a lot of testing and found that sending to your sphere every three weeks helps to increase engagement while decreasing recipient opt-out. Of course, every database is different and no one knows your past clients, sphere of influence, or friends and family like you do - so, if you feel like 3 weeks is too often, you can select a longer Time Period...up to 13 weeks between messages.

Next, you’ll select which Signature you want these messages to send from. You will have an option to send from any of the signatures you have in your account. Keep in mind that these messages will only send to anyone with the Keep-in-Touch (Sphere) tag assigned, and you will not be able split these sends between multiple signatures.

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Which days will I be able to send a message?

We’ve haven’t found much difference in interaction when sending on particular days of the week. The system will default to selecting Monday through Friday, but you can feel free to select which days work best for you and your database. Keep in mind that the days you’ve selected are the only days your messages will send from our system, so if you only have Monday selected and you miss the last send batch on Monday, your message will not send out until the following Monday.

Should anyone NOT receive these messages?

Your Keep-in-Touch (Sphere) messages are best at starting conversations with anyone you have known or met before!  But, there might be a few specific groups or Tags that you prefer to NOT include when these messages are sent.  You’ll be able to select any specific tags to be Excluded from getting your Keep-in-Touch (Sphere) messages. Most of our users will not need to use this feature, but it’s worth explaining in case you decide to segment your database...

Since these messages will send to all Active contacts that have the Keep-in-Touch (Sphere) tag assigned, you can tell the system to Exclude any contacts that have a different tag in your account if any of those contacts also have the Keep-in-Touch (Sphere) tag. For example, in the screenshots, you can see a tag that is called “Blast Testing.” If there were contacts within that “Blast Testing” tag that were also tagged as Keep-in-Touch (Sphere), that’s OK!  A contact can be tagged multiple times.  

However, if you did not want those contacts to get this messaging, you would click on the tag as it appears in the left box and move it to the box on the right. Any tags within the box on the right will not have Keep-in-Touch (Sphere) messages sent to them. Feel free to Exclude any Tags or groups of contacts at your own discretion.

PRO TIP: Always be sure to Approve your favorite message to send!  When your next message is ready, you’ll have a brand-new set of message options to choose from.  =)

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