Hints & Tips - How to use your PS line for Better Results

Much like the letters of old that gave birth to email, you have the option to add a PS line to your messages. Some sections, like the Keep-in-Touch (Sphere), give you a full section just for the PS line, while in others you are able to add the PS line in by editing the content that is already there. Either way, that PS line is a great way to add in an extra bit of information that may aid in getting a sale or referral.  It’s up to you…

One of the best uses for that PS line would be to add in a link to new listing, one that recently has had a price drop, or really any property you would like to highlight. You could add something like, “Take a look at this hot new property in the XYZ neighborhood,” and add in a link to the information for that property.

Another possible use of that space would be to advertise an upcoming event. Do you have an open house coming up? Are you hosting a food drive for the next major holiday? You can add these bits of information to the PS line so your contacts are receiving the main content of your message and getting notified of extra things happening in the area too... and, of course, any links you have to these events would serve you well.

You could also always go with a much simpler approach to that PS line and use it to ask your database for any referrals they have. You can ask if they know anyone looking to buy or sell and that they please send them your way. If you have some strong connections in your area with local vendors like plumbers, roofers, or contractors, you can mention that you would be happy to connect people with reliable, local vendors.

Really, there is an unlimited amount of ways you can use the PS line in your messages to get better results. The key is knowing your database and what they would be more likely to respond to. As you go to write that PS line, just think, “How can I get the most people to engage with this message?!”

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