Contact Status

There are 3 possible statuses for a contact in Happy Grasshopper:

  1. Active - An active contact has a valid email address and can be sent emails from the HG system.
  2. Pending - This status is only being used for our legacy members. The Pending status will apply to contacts that are over the Sphere audience contact limit for your account type. Pending contacts will be activated as other contacts drop off. 
  3. Inactive - An inactive contact cannot be sent HG messaging. There might be several reasons why a contact would be marked as Inactive within your account.

Inactive contacts breakdown:

We log the reason as to why the email would be marked as  Inactive directly in the contact records. You can view it by clicking on edit contact (the little pencil) and scrolling down to the contact’s log. There are 4 reasons a contact may be in the Inactive status:

  • Invalid email address
  • Hard Bounce
  • Complaint
  • Unsubscribed

Invalid email address:

We check every email address as it is entered in our system. We validate that an email address is formatted correctly and that the entire address on both sides of the “@” is valid. We also check to see if the email address still exists. 


We report to our users two different types of bounces: Hard and Soft.

A soft bounce means that the email address was valid and the email message reached the recipient’s mail server. However, it bounced back most likely due to one of these reasons:

  • The recipient’s mailbox was full
  • The recipient’s server was down
  • The message was too large for the recipient’s inbox
  • There was a temporary block to the recipient’s domain

A hard bounce occurs when the message has been permanently rejected either because:

  • The email address is invalid
  • The email addresses doesn’t exist, or no longer exists

Think of soft bounces as blocks that are a short term issue–you don’t need to permanently take these addresses off of your list, so we at HG keep these contacts as Active.

However, hard bounces are either invalid or non-existent addresses that should be removed immediately to prevent negatively effecting your deliverability. For those contacts that hard bounce, they are placed in an “Inactive” status in Happy Grasshopper and we will no longer send to those addresses.


A complaint is simply a recipient marking your message as "Spam" or "Junk."


When a contact selects the unsubscribe link from an HG sent email, they are marked as such in the system and they are no longer sent any emails from your account.

PRO TIP: If you have a corrected email address, simply go into the contact’s Details to edit and update the email address field. Don't forget to save! If the new address is valid, it will place the contact back into the Active status. 

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