Hints & Tips - Deleting Contacts

Here at Happy Grasshopper, we would never recommend that you delete any contacts from your account. If there was someone you did not want to receive any more messages from you, it would be better to Unsubscribe that contact.

The reason to Unsubscribe a contact is that they will remain in your account, and if they ever are on another list that gets uploaded or sign up on your website again, the system will still have their email address and know they aren’t supposed to get any messages from you. If, however, that contact gets deleted and added back in, they will start receiving your messages again.

Of course, there are circumstances where deleting a contact, or contacts, may be necessary, so we will cover how to do that. There are two ways to delete contacts in your account - either one contact at a time, or deleting multiple contacts on a page at once.

When looking at your Contacts page you will see a Delete button next to each contact. Using the Delete button will delete that single contact immediately for you.

If you are looking to delete more than one contact on a page, or the entire page of contacts, you can select the checkbox next to the first name box. That will select all the contacts on the page. If you don’t want to delete all the contacts on that page, though, you can check off the specific contacts on that page you would like deleted. Then, when you have those specific contacts selected, there’s a button on the bottom of the page that says Delete Selected. Using that button will delete all the contacts that are checked (selected) on that page.

PRO TIP: If a contact is Deleted, it will be permanently removed.  If the contact is added into the system again in the future, it will start from the beginning of any Campaign as if it was a new contact.

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