Team Pro - Manager Panel

Your Manager Panel will give you superhuman-like powers to rule your team. Or, you know, manage it from an email marketing perspective. =)

If you’re the Manager for your team, good news: you will automatically log into your Manager Panel by default. If you want to log into your individual account, simply click the Logged Into Pro Manager Panel > Switch to User button at the top of the screen. This will take you to your personal HG account.

PRO TIP: You’ll find certain features are only available to operate from within your individual account, not the manager panel.  Feel free to switch back and forth as necessary!

The Manager Panel allows you to control certain aspects of your user’s accounts. You can:

  • Set up and edit any shared campaigns for your users to begin sending
  • Upload, create, edit, and reassign contacts for any user on the team
  • Add, edit, and delete users on the team
  • Use any user’s account on the team to make changes within their personal account
  • Create and edit team tags to help group contacts for your team
  • Send or Queue Blast messages on behalf of your users to their contacts
  • Create signatures for each user or apply a custom signature.

For more tutorials on how to utilize the features above, please visit our Team Account support blog section here for a complete walkthrough!

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