Hints & Tips - Display Images

When sending a test message to yourself, you may notice that your email does not display the image you’ve included… oh no!  Not to worry, but keep in mind that this may depend on your personal email settings or the settings of any recipient that may be blocking those images from being viewed as normal.

Usually, you’ll have an option to view any images by clicking the Display Images button within the email when first attempting to open and view your message.  Some recipients may need to update any Settings to further view an image as normal.  Since anyone may choose to block viewing images or even HTML coding, that makes it much more important to send a simple text message that anyone could read rather than a templated message full of images.

Thankfully, Happy Grasshopper has already designed your message in a simple text format - so that anyone would be able to read it even if they had chosen not to display images.  =)

Once clicked, all the images will be displayed within the email message!

PRO TIP: You only need to click on the Display Images button once when receiving an email for the first time from the sender. Once you’ve chosen to display the images, all future messages from the sender will display images as normal.

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