Hints & Tips - Using Merge Codes

Happy Grasshopper has set up a few codes that can be used as shortcuts within your messages. These codes can be used to add pieces of information automatically.

PRO TIP: Be sure to preview your message before sending to verify this information appears correctly!

Here is a list of all the different codes you can use:

Item Short Code
Day of the week the
message is sent
Contact's first name
Contact's last name
Contact's email
Contact's phon
Full name (from signature
attached to the message)
Email (from signature) !email!
Business name
(from signature)
Tag line
(from signature)
Phone Number
(from signature)
Phone Number 2
(from signature)
Website (from signature) !website!
Website 2 (from signature) !website_2!
Address (from signature) !address!
City (from signature) !city!
State (from signature) !state!
Zip Code (from signature) !zip!
Facebook Profile
(from signature)
Facebook Page
(from signature)
Google Plus
(from signature)
Twitter (from signature) !twitter!
LinkedIn (from signature) !linked_in!
Pinterest (from signature) !pinterest!
YouTube (from signature) !youtube!
Signed (from signature) !signed!

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