Editing a Message - General

When previewing each of your messages, you’ll have the option to edit any information within the content. At the bottom of each message, you can choose the Edit button, which will prompt you to edit and make changes to the message itself…

Once you can edit the message, you have several features that will help you customize the message to your liking. You have the option to: pick different fonts, change greetings, add links, upload images, and copy or insert HTML source codes.

Our system automatically inputs Hi as the greeting for each message. Each message has two greetings. The first greeting says, Hi !firstname!, and the second greeting simply says Hi. The first greeting holds a code that will pull each contact’s first name from within your account, allowing you to address each person according to their first name.

If you do not have a first name for a contact, the system will choose the second greeting option and simply say Hi. However, you may choose to change the greeting to your liking, by deleting the default Hi and adding on another greeting of your preference. Be sure to always add a comma at the end of the greeting so the message is sent in the correct format.

For example: “Hello,” or “Hello !firstname!,”

If you’d like to create a link, simply highlight the words that you want to be a link. 

For example:  Click Here. You would highlight “Click Here” before choosing the link button. Then, you’ll be able to select the hyperlink button to insert the correct webpage address (URL) of the link you’d like to create.  Don’t forget to click OK.

This way instead of showing the link itself, you can prompt the reader to the “Click Here” button which will hold the link you insert.

TIP: You’ll need to save and Preview your message to verify this link works correctly.

There are similar steps when uploading an image. You can simply click on the image button where you’ll be prompted to Choose File.  There, you can choose the image you would like to upload. Once you have chosen an image, you will click Send to Server to verify, then select OK.

When uploading an HTML source code, simply click on the Source button and add your code. Once you have added the code, you’ll click on the Source button once more, and the image from the code will appear. You may also copy any code after creating a message.

After customizing the message to your liking, be sure to click Save. Voila! You have now successfully edited your message!

PRO TIP: You can turn an image into a link too! Simply highlight the image before clicking the hyperlink button, then input the webpage address you would like to link the image to.

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