Team Pro - Campaigns

Happy Grasshopper team campaigns are unique in that they can perform for many agents while still keeping the same line of messaging. Essentially, every agent on your team will share the same messages but send with their signature, maintaining the personalization that is so important!

Here’s how to find your campaigns:

Click the Campaigns button on the left-hand menu of your account to view your various campaigns. If you’re the team manager, you can not only view campaigns, but edit existing ones and create some of your own. Click here to learn more about creating campaigns!

PRO TIP: Each agent will be able to edit a message from within their personal account if they want to tailor a campaign message to be a bit more personal.

Need further help? If you’re an agent or manager on a team and want to make changes to your campaign Settings, be sure to reach our HG Support Team to do so correctly - you’ll want to avoid sending multiple campaigns to certain groups of contacts.

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