Report Tips - Open Rates

Happy Grasshopper offers several ways for you to view reports for messaging and evaluate your Open Rates, too.  On average, we expect our users to have a 25 - 35% reportable open rate, compared to traditional email marketing providing an 18 - 22% conversion.

However, as with most systems, we cannot report on all opened emails - and actually expect this to be a much higher rate than what is shown! (For example, if the recipient viewed the email from their preview pane, on their smartphone, or didn't display images while viewing your message, we aren't able to monitor that activity.)

At the top right-hand corner, you'll notice an average open rate that reports your most recent 30 days of sending…

You may also further view reports for each feature when looking at either your Campaign Reports or Blast Reports, and in the reporting for Keep-in-Touch (Sphere) and Keep-in-Touch (Leads). Since these features operate a little differently, you'll find individual reporting available for each feature to know what was either Delivered, Bounced, Opened, Click, Opt-out, and marked Spam.

When viewing each report, you may wish to further divide your open rate by what was delivered to calculate any percentage for a particular campaign.

While open rates are a great indicator of your campaign success, they don't mean everything. We routinely hear from people that, after 6 months of not hearing back from someone on their list, they suddenly got a call from them because of a message!

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