Report Tips - Log History

The Log History is a great tool that helps you look at each individual contact’s reports. You can view the Log History by going into your Contacts tab and clicking the Details button for the specific user you want to view reporting for. The Details tab is located to the right-hand side of each contact as you view your contact within the Contacts tab.

Once viewing the Details for each contact, you will find their Log Information located at the bottom of the page. There are several ways we will provide reporting to you, but this section will allow you to view the personal history for each contact.  

We’ll be sure to report how the contact was tagged, what messages were sent, if they had opened a message, further descriptions as to why a contact may be invalid, and you may also save any Notes about the contact, too.

Pro Tip: Feel free to add any notes you like about a contact, this information will never be seen by them!  However, we will be sure to address each contact exactly how any First Name information is entered.

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