Upload Your Own - Custom Signature

Creating a custom signature is another option that’s available when creating your signature. To create that Custom Signature, you will need to have an HTML code of your signature ready that you would like to use. Simply click on the top right-hand side of your screen where it says, “Welcome, Your Name”. You will be prompted to a dropdown box, where you will have the option to choose “Signature”:

Once you are within the Signature menu, you can create a new signature, or edit the signature you currently have. In order to add the custom HTML code, scroll to the bottom of the screen after you have chosen to edit or create a new signature. You will see the option to “Use Custom Signature”.  Simply click the small box and you will be able to add the HTML source code below.

(Note: If you are choosing to create a custom signature from a blank template, you will still need to fill in the template information, as the system still uses this for sending purposes. You will want to place the email address you want this signature to send from in the E-mail field.)

Once you have added the code, you will need to add !unsubscribe! at the end of the code in order to save the signature.

See below for example:

Pro-Tip: Keep in mind when creating a Custom Signature that you will want to stay in compliance with all CAN-SPAM Act Laws and Regulations. To do so, make sure you are including your Full Name, Physical Address, and an option to Unsubscribe.  (Don’t worry, the system won’t let you save that Custom Signature without the !unsubscribe! code.)

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